Auto AC and Heat Repair

Uncomfortable temperatures can seem all that much worse when you're behind the wheel, but maintaining a functional and efficient AC and heat system in your vehicle doesn't have to be a difficult endeavor. At Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, we provide reliable auto AC and heat repair services to drivers throughout Lodi, CA.

Auto Mechanic

Honesty, expertise and dependability: That's what you should expect from your auto mechanic. And when you bring your car or truck to Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, that's exactly what you'll get. Alpine Smog and Auto Sales is a full-service maintenance and repair shop in Lodi, CA dedicated to keeping local car and truck owners safe and satisfied. Whether it's an oil change, a quick repair, or a new transmission, we have the expertise to do the job right.

Auto Repair

As an established auto repair shop in Lodi, CA, Alpine Smog and Auto Sales offers a wide range of automotive repair and maintenance services. Our highly skilled staff takes pride in assisting each client with outstanding service. In addition to our proven ability to help keep our customers' vehicles running as smoothly as possible, we stay up to date on current technology, and we offer fast service and affordable rates.

Auto Suspension

Your car or truck's suspension system is an intricate network of parts designed to give you a smooth, stable ride. Since the suspension is where most road abuse occurs, the parts can wear out and sometimes break. So if your vehicle doesn't seem to ride like it used to, a suspension problem may be the issue.

Axle Repair

It's no mystery even to the least technically inclined driver that automobiles rely on a complicated assortment of mechanical gadgets that run the gamut from purely mechanical to purely digital. While there are many important components that all need to work together for your car to go forward, few are as important as the axle itself. As a local auto repair shop in Lodi, CA, Alpine Smog and Auto Sales specializes in axle repair, and therefore in keeping so many cars out there on the road.

Brake Repair

When it comes to brake repairs in Lodi, CA, Alpine Smog and Auto Sales uses high-quality parts designed to keep your car's brakes working as they should for as long as possible. Whether your brakes are just beginning to squeak or barely working at all, you can count on us to get them fixed in a fast and efficient manner.

Check Engine Light

Is your check engine light on? Many people tend to ignore this very obvious warning sign. But if your check engine light is trying to tell you something, failing to bring your vehicle in could end up costing you down the line. At Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, we're your go-to source for affordable and efficient auto repairs, and we have the tools and skills to get to the bottom of whatever's ailing your vehicle.

Cooling System Service

A failure of your car's cooling system can be a big inconvenience, especially in the middle of a hot summer. If your car's cooling system hasn't been serviced recently or isn't operating properly, you need help from an auto repair technician you can trust to do the job right. For cooling system service in Lodi, CA, call Alpine Smog and Auto Sales.

Emissions Repair

It's an unfortunate fact that over time, most vehicles' emissions systems tend to suffer in terms of performance. So if you're in need of reliable emissions repair services, contact Alpine Smog and Auto Sales in Lodi, CA. Our team has the tools and skills to improve your vehicle's emissions system and make sure its emissions technology is up to par.

Engine Installation

Need a new engine installed? We've got you covered. At Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, we offer reliable engine installation services for customers in Lodi, CA. No matter the age or state of your vehicle, we pledge to get your new engine installed in a timely, efficient fashion.

Engine Repair

In the auto repair industry, where you choose to get your car fixed can make a big difference in the service, quality, and price you receive; and choosing the wrong company can lead to a costly drawn-out project that only fixes the problem in the short term. If your car has been involved in an accident, or if you just don't like the strange sound that's coming from the under the hood, bring your car in to Alpine Smog and Auto Sales. We offer comprehensive engine repair services designed to get your vehicle running the way it should.

Fuel System Service

As a fuel system service provider in Lodi, CA, Alpine Smog and Auto Sales works hard to keep local cars and trucks running. One of the key aspects of a successful auto repair operation is making sure our hard-earned mechanical training is put to good use. Our expert technicians deeply understand the technological intricacies of fuel systems. The fuel system is, after all, the belly of the mechanical beast. And getting your fuel system service right can seriously enhance the future overall performance of your vehicle.

Shock Service

Your car's or truck's suspension system is what ensures a safe and comfortable ride, even when the road ahead is rough. But just like any of your car's critical operating systems, your suspension needs professional service in order to do its job. If you're experiencing a bumpier ride than usual or your vehicle seems to be swerving more than normal when you change lanes, it's time to have your suspension system inspected by a pro. In Lodi, CA, call Alpine Smog and Auto Sales.

Strut Service

Is your car or truck swerving more than normal when you change lanes? Have you noticed a bumpier ride than usual? The problem is likely your suspension system. Your vehicle's struts help keep your tires in contact with the road. Although struts usually have longer lifespans than shocks, they are subject to wear and tear over time, and most manufacturers recommend a professional inspection about once a year. If your vehicle's suspension system is in need of inspection or repair, the experts at Alpine Smog and Auto Sales have got you covered.

Timing Belt Replacement

Your timing belt is integral to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. So if you've clocked enough distance to warrant a timing belt replacement, it's in your best interest to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. At Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, we offer dependable timing belt replacement services for a wide variety of makes and models.

Transmission Service

You depend on your transmission to keep your car running smoothly. So if you have reason to believe that your transmission isn't working as well as it should, it's important to get it serviced before the problem gets worse. At Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, we're equipped to maintain and repair all types of transmissions. Whether your car has a manual, automatic, or semi-automatic model, we can provide the transmission service you need to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape.

Tune Up Service

When your vehicle stops working properly, your first move is to contact your local mechanic. But did you know that regular tune ups are just as important in caring for your car? In fact, by scheduling tune ups as needed, you can do your part to avoid costly automobile repairs down the line. At Alpine Smog and Auto Sales, we offer thorough tune up services for vehicle owners in Lodi, CA. No matter the age or condition of your car, we have the knowledge and skills to give it the maintenance it needs to keep on running.

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